Great Melbourne bat count tomoro night – meeting at 5:15 pm. Perfect bat counting weather predicted!

The June grey-headed flying-fox count at Yarra Bend Park is almost upon us – tomorrow night in fact. we are meeting at 5:15 pm, at the car park for the yarra bend park golf course. It is an important count as it will confirm that approximately half of melbourne’s 40,000 have indeed left us for warmer climes!

I also need a couple of volunteers to head over to the freeway bridge – please send me an email if you are able to help out there.  you can arrive there a little later – about 5:30 will be early enough.

Thanks – see you tomorrow night!


next bat count wed 15 Jan – meeting at 8:15

Welcome to another year of bat counting!  Hope your festive season was a relaxing and refrshing one!

Our next count for the year is this coming wednesday, 15th Jan 2014, with a meeting time of 8:15 PM.

Hope to see many of you next week!

The count dates for the year have been uploaded to the blog, but here they are as well!


Month 2014 count date (always a Wednesday) Meeting time
Jan 15th Jan 2015
Feb 12th Feb 2000
Mar 12th Mar 1915
Apr 9th Apr 1730
May 14th May 1715
Jun 11th June 1715
Jul 9th July 1715
Aug 6th Aug 1715
Sept 3rd Sept 1730
Oct 8th Oct 1900
Nov 5th Nov 1930
Dec 3rd Dec 2000


Greetings – the next bat count is wed 8th Dec.  We are meeting at 6:30 for a thank-you dinner for all the volunteers that have counted this year!  we really appreciate your time and commitment, and ARCUE and DEPI would like to thank you with gourmet pizza and beer, wine and soft drink.  This invite is for anyone who has counted this year, anyone who has intended to count but couldn’t quite make it, and also those for whom the December count is their first – all welcome and the more the merrier!!  The party will be in a rotunda just next to the car park where we meet for the counts.


Please shoot me a quick email saying if you can make it, and if you have any dietary preferences.   THANKS!!